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Secunia Advisory


I am one of the member of Flexera Community. I used to receive security advisories from secunia. Since flexera bought secunia, now secunia advisory pages directly brings me to the flexera community login portal.  

However, I cannot find the latest security advisories anymore. I searched for security advisories and went up to

which only shows old advisories. I would like to know how can I access the latest security advisories from flexera. Please provide me the link or guide me.

Thank you.

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Flexera Alumni

The old Secunia Community has been taken down. Advisories on the vulnerabilities discovered by Secunia Research can be found here, but full access to the latest Secunia Advisories requires Software Vulnerability Research (for the research directly, or SVM for the research with assessment and patching capabilities).


Thank you for the information. 

Would you please let me know that how can I obtain Software Vulnerability Research product?


Hi @dsuser  - thank you for the speedy reply. I'll ask one of our account managers to follow-up with you via private message with more details. Please stay tuned! 

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