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SVM supported operating systems and versions

Hi, can anyone point me at a list of operating system versions and distributions which are supported by current SVM agents for patch scanning and patching?



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Hi Rob,


The SVM Agent is currently supported on the following operating systems:


Windows (From Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2)

macOS (macOS X from 10.15)

RHEL (6 ,7 and 8 )


The SVM Agent may function on other operating systems. 

More information here: Scanning (


As for distribution, here is a supported list:




VMware Workspace ONE


More information here: Patching (


Please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.


Kind regards,

James Ellis
Senior Technical Support Engineer

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Great response, James. Just a couple of things to add and clarify:

While the Linux scanner may run on more than just RHEL, we are only doing the research required for scans to have value on REHL, so it does not make sense to run it on unsupported versions. It is a significant investment for us to add more flavors of Linux due to the cost of the data burden that comes with it. That said, we are measuring such demand in Ideas, so please vote on further support there.

Also, we are working on RHEL v9 support now, and I anticipate we should be able to release such support this month (January 2023). 

Thanks James, bkelly, really appreciate the details.

Do you  know where I can also find a roadmap of future support e.g. when will support for Windows Server 2012 etc end? Knowing which of our servers would be supported today helps but to justify adoption I also need to show how long older operating systems would be supported.



We don't publish a public roadmap, but I'd be very happy to set up a call to discuss. I'll contact you directly about this. 

For your specific example, we won't be dropping support from a scanning perspective, so we can continue to report EOL versions of Windows as EOL. I don't foresee a technical reason we should need to drop support for older versions of the supported operating systems listed above. 

Hi @bkelly support for EOL products has to end sometime. Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 aren't on the list and anybody still running those would have wanted to understand when support ended. I'm trying to do the same and understand how long more recently EOL operating systems will fall out of support.

Understood. We can discuss this on our call. I only mean to point out that the ability to run our scanner and an operating system being EOL are two different things.