SVM (March Update) Featuring Patch Automation

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In December of 2019 we introduced the ability to subscribe to VPM patches so that you can automatically publish new ones as they become available. In this release we give our SPS patches the same treatment so we are proud to formally announce this exciting feature for all patch types. Not only can you automatically publish new patches, but you can optionally set criteria for which versions of an application update should be published based on associated critically and threat details. 

A detailed article explaining this new capability as well as a short video highlighting its importance can be found here in the SVM community blog

Also in this release, we add the ability to import a CSV of file paths into the patch publishing wizard. This is particularly useful in cases where you wish to include file paths discovered in other partitions in order to create a single patch that covers all known file paths.

For complete details, see release notes here: Cloud edition, On-prem edition

Note: you'll also find a press release announcing SVM patch automation here 

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