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Flexera Alumni

A new update on SVM Cloud and a new version of SVM Patch Publisher (v7.2.785) is released today. This new version of the SVM Patch Publisher enables you to suggest software that is not detected by SVM. A new button is introduced in the ribbon to suggest software.


Clicking on the Suggest Software button will launch the SVM Software Suggestion Tool. Specify the details of the software that you wish to be added to SVM in the tool and click on Send to Flexera. Providing the Program File, which could be the main executable (.exe) (or.dll or .ocx file) of the software, will help us produce the file signature for this software. File signatures enable SVM for accurate detection and vulnerability assessment of software. Therefore, is it recommended you always provide the program file while suggesting software. Click Send to Flexera to submit the software suggestion request to Flexera. Our team picks up requests for further assessment and research and adds the software to SVM when all the requirements are met. You will get an email confirmation upon successful processing of the software suggestion request.


Clicking on the View My Software Suggestions button on the SVM Software Suggestion Tool will redirect you to the new Software Suggestions view in the new web console of SVM that gives you visibility into the status of all your software suggestion requests.


To see the full release notes, please click here.


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Level 5

Great news specially with the tracking option as this was a gap always to know what we did and the status of it😀