SVM Data Center move

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UPDATE 8/17/2019:
The move to AWS is complete!

As a result of this move, we have changed the SSL certificates of The certificate chain is different and the Certificate revocation list (CRL) distribution points have changed as well with the new certificates.

If you with to whitelist the URLs explicitly on your proxy and firewall, then we recommend the list documented here.

UPDATE 8/1/2019:
We are planning to move from our Copenhagen-based data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland for increased security, performance and stability. We remain on schedule and will make this change on August 16th. The URL is not changing, so this should not impact most users. However, if you are using a static IP address to reference this server, or to whitelist access to the server, it is important that you update such to refer to the server by name instead. We are moving to Dynamic DNS for increased reliability going forward which necessitates the need to use names instead of IP addresses from this point forward.
On August 17th you are encouraged to refresh any IP/Name DNS cache entries you may have on your end to expire any stale DNS pointers.
Scheduled Times
PDT: August 16th 03:00 pm - August 18 10:00 am
UTC: August 16th 22:00 pm - August 18 17:00 pm
AEST: August 17th 8:00 am - August 19th 3:00 am
For up to the minute status of availability, click here. 
Original Message:
Some good news for our SVM Cloud customers: we are planning to move from our Copenhagen-based data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland for increased security, performance and stability. Our tentative plan is to make this move between August 16 - 18 and may result in a temporary outage while necessary updates are propagated.  We will communicate again closer to the actual move with more details and optional measures you may wish to take, but you should not need to take any action (the URL used to log in will not change).
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support or reply here. 

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I get the following error message when I try to logon to: Your account is currently being upgraded. Please, try again in a few minutes or if you have any concerns visit for further assistance. Unfortunately I get this message since a few days. Whats the solution?

Please refresh any IP/Name DNS cache entries you may have on your end to expire any stale DNS pointers.

Also, make sure to whitelist the URL (, instead of the IP address on your Firewall/Proxy.


Hi mstamm, You're likely seeing this page because a DNS record in your infrastructure is pointing you to our old data center, which has been moved to AWS.

Please update your DNS records.  

 After DNS refresh you should be able to login.

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I have the same issue, but I am experiencing it from multiple networks. A nslookup shows that the site is pointed to AWS. It appears that something different is happening. I also have multiple accounts and all are experiencing the same thing.

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@jcarter  I am having the same issue and have a ticket open with support. As you noted, I also appear to be connecting to AWS in Ireland. What IPs are you connecting to? I hit either or I get the same result across multiple networks as well.

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I get the same 52 IP address that you do.
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Are you able to ping it? They asked me to ping (which resolved to that IP) and it failed. However I can navigate to the address and the IP in my browser without issue.


Hi @jcarter, @tip204,

Would you be able to confirm that the new CRL URLs provided with the below article have been added to your proxies/firewalls and hosts can bypass the network to reach those sites?

The problem you described sounds like a typical revocation list blocking that is normal with such exercises especially when the server certificate has changed with the move.

Let us know if white-listing those helped.


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@RDanailov this is unnecessary for my home network as I have no proxy or firewall setup. For our corporate network, all out-going traffic is allowed unless explicitly flagged as a known malware domain. I did confirm regardless that the new CRL URLs are not being filtered in anyway at all. I am successfully able to reach all of them without issue.

Hi @tip204

We can reach (SVM) through a supported IE  browser on different networks and devices, although simple ICMP ping times out. This is expected. The best-case scenario for all customers experiencing similar problems is to report the issue directly to Flexera Support, as you have done already yourself. I'll leave to my colleagues to help you further with recommended next steps to catch the issue and prevent it further.