SVM 2019 R3 (Featuring Vendor Patch Module)

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Today marks the release of SVM 2019 R3 (for cloud, the on-prem edition will be updated next week) which has some new capabilities I think you’ll really appreciate! It includes the new Vendor Patch Module, documented APIs, as well as agent and smart group enhancements.

The Vendor Patch Module is a new optional feature of SVM 2019 that provides over a thousand out-of-the-box patches as well as details to help you easily create over a thousand others.

API Support is now documented allowing you to integrate SVM 2019 with other systems and processes as well as to pull data for the creation of custom reports. 

A signed version of the SVM agent is now available. The standard agent downloads are still available which inject a token to match the agent to your account. This is simple to use but breaks our ability to sign the agent. For those that wish to use a signed version of the agent, a separate download is now provided for which you can specify your account token via an INI file or registry entry (see documentation for details).

CVSS scores have been added as available criteria when creating new Product or Advisory based smart groups. This way, you can focus on specific ranges of products and advisories based on criticality. You’ll also notice the SVM login screen looks different—this was introduced for some consistency between products.

For more details on SVM 2019 R3, please see the release notes. For more details on the Vendor Patch Module, see this blog post

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