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Invalid server response

Hi every one,

What is the suggest solution step for this error Unknown Error: Invalid server response Please try again

when trying to login to SVM UI in on premises version.

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Hello @fatima 

I am not sure what the specific reason for this issue is. Let's try to find out some information:

  1. What version SVM OnPrem are you using?
  2. Does this happen with the all users, including default?
  3. Is the mariadb local or remote?
  4. Are the mariadb / mysql services running?
  5. Have you checked the messages.log in /var/log/? I recommend enabling debug logging then take the steps to reproduce the error and check the log. The KB to enable debug logging is below.

Kind regards,

James Ellis


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Hi James

Thanks for your response.

Now the login working, the issue was the server disk space is full,

and the service can not run successfully, a lot of backup   copy was saved on the server

for a very long time, and it was making the system out of space,

so it will be better if the backup copy can be overwrite rather than create new copy.


thanks and regards

Hi @fatima 

Thank you for the update.

Low disk space has a tendency to cause problems, such as corrupt replication_medatadata and vuln_track database. In some severe cases, even the ca_# could become corrupt. Could you please open a support request to have a health check done by us?

Furthermore, your Linux administrator is able to create a cronjob to clear out the backup directory. I would recommend that the cron job clears any files that are at least a week old. This allows for 7 days worth of backups in case of failure.

Kind regards,


Like the answer, please remember to "Accept as solution". Keep the Kudo's coming!

Hi @james_ellis 

Thank you for the information , I will coordinate with the customer

and open the case thanks for the support.