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Firefox ESR 115.3 64-bit SPS Package

We created via SVM Patch Publisher using the Flexera Package System, a Firefox 115.3 ESR update to publish to our WSUS.  We configured the package to only install ESR and use the default applicability path for detection (no modification to versioning).  When deployed to our clients, some had their Firefox Current Release version replaced by the ESR version.  We didn't want that to happen, so we recreated the package and changed the version checks for applicability to minimum version and secure version to  After publishing it and deploying, clients running current release were still getting the ESR update.  I checked .sdp files in the folder SVMPatch Cache and it seems the versioning we specified for applicability is getting ignored.  Can we not use this package to only upgrade ESR clients?  Are changes to minimum and secure version supported via SVM Patch Publisher?

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