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Differences in Adobe Reader versions


I am relatively new to Flexera and new to patching Adobe products. Within my organisation I am responsible for End-Point Patching using SVM. We are currently struggling to get Adobe Reader/Acrobat/DC patched fully as there are many different versions. What confuses me more is that the End of Life statistics are an exact match between "Acrobat DC Pro & Standard Update - All Languages" and the various different versions of "Reader DC/DC Classic Track/DC update".


Apologies if this is a stupid question but I have looked for about a week on this topic and can't find anything to go.


Any help or guidance would be appreciated.



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So I didn't actually pose the question: what are the differences and is it possible to patch maximum amount with minimal packages? Am I missing something or does Adobe ship all exe's with all installs or a certain mix of exe's as one isntall package?

Honestly i don't know either if you find something about this do tell.

If i did then i will let you know.




The question about whether Adobe can patch all products with a single installer would be better answered by Adobe.

However, if you do get a single installer for Adobe, you can create custom packages to install an .exe of your choice that you can point to from a local source.

Here's a link with some info on custom packages:


Just a reminder that you'll want to run it with silent command line parameters.


I hope that helps.