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CVE association with SAIDs


Does SVM have the capability to provide a report of the CVE References that are associated with each SAID assigned to a product?


- David Le

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Hi David,

The reports generated by SVM are not detailed to the point of listing all CVE's associated with a SAID. But if you click on the SAID from within SVM the info in the SAID will show associated CVE's.

However, if you'd like a more automated way obtain CVE info for a SAID, you may want to look into Software Vulnerability Research. As its API's allow you to retrieve CVE's associated with SAIDs.


Thank you David.

Hi @ayung_2831 ,

I have discovered that we currently have access to Flexera's Software Vulnerabiliy Research (SVR) API.

When I execute a "GET" command on the Advisory API, I do not see any results pertaining CVE information. 

See screenshot for example.


- David


Hi David,

Add the advisory ID as a part of the get. So something like:

That will return more details of that Advisory.

I hope that helps.

Thank you David.