Anomalies with endpoint scans

Hi all...

First time poster. We have introduced Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager to our environment and hoping someone can help me or advise who I should contact. 

When we go through are scan results we are noticing some anomalies.  For instance we have a number of endpoints reporting they have a licensed product Adobe photoshop but the program does not exist on the machine.  We have a good example here where it has reported the last scan on the endpoint was 14 hours ago however this machine has been offline for 11 days. 

Note: we are running agentless, if that matters.

Any ideas?



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Re: Anomalies with endpoint scans

HI Gerry

Thank you for your community posting.

Could I ask if you are using SCCM Inventory import? If you are using SCCM import SVM will report based on the last inventory scan for the machine which could still show a machine that has been offline for days as it will take the last inventory.

We would recommend deploying the agent as this gives a more accurate scan.


Simon Edwards
Senior Technical Support Engineer
SVM SUpport


Simon Edwards
Senior Technical Support Engineer
SVM Support