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Adding new software versions

After adding a lot of the new versions to the database I am stuck.  It will not let me add anymore and I have thousands I need to add.  I click "Edit" and it doesn't do anything where before it would wait for about ten seconds and then go to the pages where I click the add buttons.


Please help because I am stuck until I can begin adding these again.


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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Can you please elaborate a little bit more about what exactly you are trying to achieve? Do you mean you have a list of Softwares and you are trying to add to the watchlist, or you are trying to submit a software suggestion?



I am trying to add to the watchlist, am about 2700 pages in around 6400 total. It has just stopped coming up after I click on the edit button. Almost like I am adding too many and it doesn't want me to add anymore so it doesn't let me in

Did you get my last message?  I really need help with this so I can continue adding new versions of the software we use.

It seems like we have a limit on how many CSV file data rows you can upload at the watchlist creation page. Please split the CSV file into multiple files and then test again to add the CSV file for watchlist creation. 




What's the limit so I will know next time? Thank you for your help