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Software Vulnerability Manager Knowledge Base

How to manually upgrade the Software Vulnerability Manager On-Premises Linux box/CentOS SVM Virtual Applicance from php 7.2 to php 7.3

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Summary: The current SVM on-premise version doesn't support the PHP 7.3, since PHP 7.2 has already been EOL in November 2020. This article will help our SVM on-premise customer to upgrade the PHP 7.2 version to PHP 7.3.Steps : Prerequisite: you n...
by Flexera raslam Flexera

SolarWinds Orion Platform / Network Performance Monitor Multiple Vulnerabilities ( Zero-day)

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Description: Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in SolarWinds Orion Platform and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct cross-site scripting attacks, disclose sensitive information, ma...
by Flexera raslam Flexera

How to upgrade the Software Vulnerability Manager On-Premises (RHEL) to the Latest Version

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Summary This article will help you upgrade from a previous version of Software Vulnerability Manager On-Premises Edition running at RHEL to the latest version. Steps: Download the latest rpm from the RPM download portal and copy to your SVM RHEL 7...
by Flexera raslam Flexera

Incorrect Product Status in Software Vulnerability Manager

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Summary The customer faces an issue where the product status in Software Vulnerability Manager is incorrect. Cause The product detection rule is not available in the product vulnerability database. Vulnerability Database hasn't been synced with F...
by Flexera raslam Flexera

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