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Ubuntu 14.04 - End Of Life

Ubuntu 14.04 - End Of Life

Ubuntu 14.04 was designated End Of Life by the vendor in April 2019. There is unfortunately no upgrade path to 16.04 as running the in-built update facility will remove SVM as part of the process.

Due to this, the Virtual Appliance has been rebuilt using CentOS as this has a longer life cycle. This new VA is available for download in the Software Download Area at


Developers Notes

  • 'csi' package installed on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VA have a dependency on php 5.5 package. On upgrading Ubuntu, php 5 will be removed and in turn csi will be removed.
  • Ubuntu VA is configured to get security updates. So on upgrading VA, the boot loader is getting corrupted.
  • The default LAMP stack bundled in 14.04 differs from latest version. The purpose of VA will be gone if we install LAMP stack
  • Why CentOS 7? The security updates for LAMP stack are back ported and maintained at par with RHEL 7 box and free of subscription.
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