SVM Linux Agent Logging & Configuration Settings

SVM Linux Agent Logging & Configuration Settings


This quick tutorial teaches you to issue a log file with Single Host Agent for Red Hat 6/7 in the terminal.  Debugging can provide great troubleshooting capabilities when it comes to solving a question or a task. 

SVM2018 provides you with a friendly administrative command interface that lets you work your way through obstacles. It gets you important technical information in the verbose mode you can rely on.


The SVM2018 Agent binary for Red Hat Linux is located under /usr/bin/ directory after its installation on the Red Hat Linux system. Use the binary file to enforce your Agents to scan their local Linux systems.

Run the following command:

 /usr/bin/csia -c -v -v -v -d /var/log/your-scan.log

The file will then be stored at /var/log/ directory named 'your-scan.log'

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Edit /etc/csia/csia.conf file and append logging level and path information to the configuration file:

Logging = 2;
LogFile = "/var/log/csia_run.log"; 

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Restart the service of the Agent so that it begins logging down immediately.

systemctl restart com.secunia.csia.service (RHEL7)
service com.secunia.csia.service restart (RHEL6)

The log file will be stored at the directory you inserted in the configuration file.
In this example, the log was configured to issue at /var/log and that's where we found it after.

Agent Configuration File Parameters

The following parameters can be configured for all Linux hosts RHEL 6 / RHEL 7 / CentOS (VA):

CSIAUser = "<AccountToken>";
CSIAToken = "<AgentToken>";
CSIAHost = "<ServerAddress"; [FQDN;IP]
CSIAPort = 443;
GUID = "<AgentUniqueGUID>";
GroupName = "<YourSiteName>";
Logging = 2;
LogFile = "/var/log/logfile.log";
ConfigSent = 1;


  • Before you define directory to issue the Agent log file, ensure that the user (or local system) account under which the Agent is running has to write permissions to write files in this directory.
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