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This KB article provides a list of handy commands to quickly check the health status of your Software Vulnerability Manager On-Prem Server. We will update the article over time, so feel free to bookmark it. 

Check system resources 

View installed RAM on your server system:
cat /proc/meminfo

Show system memory usage in real-time: 


Show the disk space consumption on the server:

df -h 

Alternatively, you can install monitoring tool like Zabbix.

Check Important SVM Services

On Red Hat 6.x systems:
service --status-all | grep -e scandaemon -e mariadb -e sgdaemon -e httpd -e crond –e haproxy
On Red Hat 7.x systems:
systemctl list-units | grep -e scandaemon -e mariadb -e sgdaemon -e httpd -e crond - e haproxy

Verify server RPM version 

rpm –qa | grep csi

Check Server Synchronization 

Use this command to check the sync.log file when you need to determine if your server instance is actively downloading advisory updates from Flexera servers:

tail –n 30 /usr/local/Secunia/csi/log/sync.log

Test connections to Flexera (universal)

curl –v

Few Relevant Logs

/var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log or

Re-run the Server Configuration Script 

cd /usr/local/Secunia/csi/install
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