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Java Packages No Longer Available as "Automatic Updates" in SVM 2019

Java Packages No Longer Available as "Automatic Updates" in SVM 2019

Oracle has decided to implement their licensing restrictions on all their Java packages and it is now hiding Oracle Java JRE/JDK downloads behind their customer login page. As a result, Flexera is no longer able to provide Out-of-the-box pre-configured Oracle Java JRE and Oracle Java JDK packages. 

We will continue to provide vulnerability assessment for Oracle Java versions, but Flexera cannot offer pre-configured and pretested in QA Java JRE/JDK patches due to legal restrictions;

Oracle Java JRE/JDK packages in SVM will appear in grey color and these will only appear in your SPS window after you use "Configure View" to deselect the setting "Display only products for which silent update packages can be created automatically". 


Once you see the grey entry, you can use the "Create Update Package" option as usual to launch the package creation. However, you will be required to insert the correct Oracle Java JRE/JDK installer, together with inputting the correct Silent Parameter within the package script inside the brackets of the "var silentParams" variable. The packages will contain a default URL pointing to the vendor page instead. This link must always be removed and the "Add Local File" option could be used to insert the downloaded installer instead. Workarounds are currently being discussed, and if we find a legally and technically viable option, we will create a new blog post about it.

NOTE: Due to limitations to provide this package as "Automatic Update", Flexera cannot perform testing of the package in QA. We cannot provide additional configuration options for the Java deployment either. SVM Support team may not be able to assist with troubleshooting failing custom Oracle Java patches since the patch is no longer supported as "Automatic Update".  SVM Support recommends customers to ensure full proper testing of Oracle Java JRE/JDK prior to deploying them to production. 

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