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How-To Limit SVM to collect data from an SCCM collection?

How-To Limit SVM to collect data from an SCCM collection?


This article explains the available options to configure scanning against SQL database maintained by SCCM server and how to limit the amount of data being fetched by SVM from the server


New Software Vulnerability Management users may wonder how to customize the amount of systems being scanned when they use System Center Inventory Import feature.
The following question received from an active SVM customer provides an example of a scenario customers may need to consider:

"Is there a way to limit the data scanned from SCCM to only a collection from SCCM?
We want to keep old hosts in SCCM for historical reasons and do not want these hosts to show up as they will show up being vulnerable and unpatched."


Under the "Scanning/System Center Inventory Import" one can trigger a manual scan against only a preferred collection of hosts.
This menu displays lists all available collections at the SCCM server. Users can click on their preferred collection and use "Import Selected Collections" to trigger this action.

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Some customers have automated the collection of data from SCCM by using the SVM Daemon which takes care of scanning based on predefined scan schedules.
In such case, one should navigate to "Scanning/System Center Import Schedules" and implemented a schedule that should only be targeted against their preferred collection.

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