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The 'Download' column which is visible under any product smart group in the SVM software might result in HTTP 404 error when users click on it. 


The links the customer is talking about can also be seen in PDF reports which have been scheduled to include product-related data. The links in the reports might lead to the same problems. 


The download links provided in SVM in the Product Smart Groups are the same ones used in the SVM Package System for creating automatic update packages.

Direct download links are provided mostly for the software packages that exist as 'Automatic Updates' (entries in blue color in the SPS view) and partially for some partially configured packages.
In any case, the direct download link is only provided for third-party software packages.

Flexera does not provide direct download links to Microsoft KBs which are listed as solutions in Secunia Advisories, because Flexera does not support the creation of Automatic Updates for Microsoft software and it does not recommend it via the Software Vulnerability Manager. 

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Most of the provided download links are displayed as direct download links hosted at When the user clicks on these links, this will result in HTTP 404 - Not Found error.

This is expected behavior and known to Flexera. The download URLs presented to you are masked partial links that are being redirected to the correct full download links when SVM downloads a package.

Links provided for some Windows programs are generic links leading you to the Windows Update website from where you can download each of the KBs you require.

URLs to other third-party vendors that exist in partially configured (grey) packages in SPS will land you on the generic download page used by the vendor to provide downloads. Such example is


When you need to download one of the files from Flexera, you should use the 'Create SPS File' inside the SPS package wizard to download the installer and then move it away from the local temp directory to one of your choices for further use.


If you strongly require direct download links for Microsoft products to be enabled, please create an Idea in the community. Product Management will highly consider your Idea if this is something Engineering can provide within the product.

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