Change SVM On-Prem Backup Directory

Change SVM On-Prem Backup Directory


This article provides guidance on how to change the backup directory of your Software Vulnerability Manager On-Prem server to another location. The article also provides a workaround in the process of changing user ownership of the default accounts used by the server for backup and data management.  


The Software Vulnerability Manager On-Prem server runs a daily backup cronjob. 
The default storage locations of the backups is /usr/local/Secunia/csi/backup. 
Without appropriate scheduled maintenance, backup files can eat up a lot of disk space. 
When the available space fills up, that prevents normal server operations and produces a server error.


A symbolic link can be created to point daily backup operations to another storage location.

Take the following steps:

  1. Create a "backup" folder in a remote location.

  2. Rename the backup files at /usr/local/Secunia/csi/backup 

  3. Link both locations:
ln -s /new/storage/folder /usr/local/Secunia/csi/backup


The daily backup cron job runs under the csi7 user account.
There are 2 routes you can take as presented next. 

Method 1

## Run the script that creates backups of the 'ca' database daily.
Change the following /etc/cron.d/csi file entry from csi7 to root :

00 03 * * * root $CSI_CHDIR && env LANG=C $PHP_COMMAND daily-ca-backup.php >> $CSI_LOG_DIR/daily-ca-backup.log 

2. Restart the crond service:

service crond restart

Method 2

Change the ownership of the newly created backup location folder to the csi7 user:

 sudo chown -R csi7 /new location 


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