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Can I feed SVM vulnerability scan data into PowerBI for customized reporting?

Can I feed SVM vulnerability scan data into PowerBI for customized reporting?


This article explains how data from SVM 2019 solution can be fed into PowerBi for customized reporting on software applications, active installations, software vulnerabilities and their corresponding characteristics, etc.


Customers who want to use the advantages of PowerBi for customized reporting on their environment have come forward asking the following question:

"We are in process of making custom dashboard charts on weekly basis.
We need your help to understand if we can connect the SVM database to Microsoft Power Bi.
How can we do this?"


According to the following article, Microsoft PowerBi supports multiple data sources such as Excel, CSV, and other types:

Software Vulnerability Manager 2019 was designed to allow users to export their application vulnerabilities' data into CSV-formatted files by using the "Export" feature available at top-right corner of most data-rich menus.

User-added image

The available options let you export the current Page, All Pages, or to Schedule Export of the data based on a custom schedule which your process would rely upon.
The Scheduled Export feature can be used to automate the exports of multiple data sets, since the SVM Daemon is looking after the schedule and is able to handle multiple exports in a row.
Once the SVM data is exported in CSV-formatted file, it could either be imported directly to PowerBi and processed further.

It is worth knowing that the same "Export" feature with all its corresponding options is provided within the "Database Console" where one can see any sort of data available in their database.
Simply by right-clicking on a database table (under "Tables") and selecting "Show Data" will present the data available within this table in the "Results" window from where one can use "Export" to get the data out.

User-added image

NOTE: Before you attempt to export any data, please ensure that the Software Vulnerability Manager was downloaded and successfully setup on a system that has access to the SVM host.
Download link for the SVM Daemon (Cloud Edition) can be found in the Software Vulnerability Manager Practice Guide references in the next section.

Additional Information

More information on the reporting and data export features of the Software Vulnerability Manager can be found at the Software Vulnerability Manager Practice Guide document available from the Learning Center link below.

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