SaaS Management: Updated Employee Central (SAP), HubSpot CRM, and Trello Integration Instructions

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Employee Central (SAP) Integration Instructions 

In the Employee Central (SAP) Integration Instructions, the HR Roster integration task now stores Department and Location.

HubSpot CRM Integration Instructions 

The following HubSpot CRM Integration Instructions sections were updated.

  • The Application Roster integration task now stores an ID.
  • The Minimum Permissions Required to generate the API Key are now Super Administrator.
  • The Application Roster API endpoint has been updated.

Trello Integration Instructions

The following Trello Integration Instructions sections were updated.

  • The Application Roster integration task now stores an Active Date.
  • The Application Access integration task now stores User ID and Last Active in place of the following:
    • Event Type (Board Events, Team Events)
    • Event Time (Time of Occurrence)
  • The Minimum Permissions Required are now Enterprise Administrator.
  • In the Credentials Required section, only the Enterprise Token is needed.
  • The instructions for integrating Trello with SaaS Manager were completely updated to reflect the current integration.
  • Removed the Application Access Events API endpoint.

For release details, see the July 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes