SaaS Management: Updated Bugsnag, OneLogin, and Salesforce Integration Instructions

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Bugsnag Integration Instructions

In the Bugsnag Integration Instructions, “Middle Name” was added as information stored in the Application Roster.

OneLogin Integration Instructions

The following OneLogin Integration Instructions sections were updated.

  • The Minimum Permissions Required are now Administrator or Account Owner.
  • The API endpoints were updated to the latest version. See below for details.

Application Roster and Application Access 

SSO Product Discovery 

SSO Application Roster<--userId-->/apps 

NOTE: The User ID value must be placed in the URL.

SSO Application Access 

Salesforce Integration Instructions

The following Salesforce Integration Instructions sections were updated:

  • The Application Access integration task now stores the following information:
    • User Last Login
    • New Accounts
    • Account History
    • New Campaigns
    • Campaign History
    • New Cases
    • Case History
    • New Contacts
    • Contact History
    • New Leads
    • Lead History
    • New Opportunities
    • Opportunity History
    • New Contracts
    • Contract History
    • New Solutions
    • Solutions History
    • New Tasks
  • The Minimum Permissions Required are now System Administrator.
  • The entire Integrating Salesforce with SaaS Manager section was updated to reflect the current integration.

For release details, see the July 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes