SaaS Management: Updated BlueJeans, Concur, and Okta Integration Instructions

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BlueJeans Video Communication Integration Instructions

The following BlueJeans Video Communications Integration Instructions sections were updated.

  • The Application Roster integration task now stores a user’s Middle Name.
  • The Application Access integration task now stores Meeting Title and Time of the Meeting.
  • The Minimum Permissions Required are now Administrator.

Concur Expense v3 Integration Instructions

In the Concur Expense v3 Integration Instructions, the Information Stored section was updated with the following text.

The Concur Expense v3 Integration runs the Application Roster and Expense Discovery tasks, and stores the following data. Expense data is sourced for the past 90 days on the initial run.

Okta Integration Instructions

The following Okta Integration Instructions sections were updated.

  • In Information Stored under the SSO Application Access section, the Application Name was removed.
  • In the Credentials Required section, the User ID and User Password were removed as they are no longer needed for the integration setup.
  • The API Endpoints section was updated with the following:

HR Roster, Application Roster, Application Discovery, and SSO Application Roster

All the API endpoints required for the integration are internally handled by the Software Development Kits (SDK's) published by Okta. Therefore, we are not explicitly using any other REST APIs.

Application Access and SSO Application Access


For release details, see the July 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes