SaaS Management: Creative Cloud License Differentiation

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Creative Cloud License Differentiation 

The following Creative Cloud integration instruction sections were updated to reflect the new Creative Cloud license differentiation feature.

  • Application Roster
  • License Types
  • License Differentiation
  • Application Roster API Endpoints
  • Application Task Tracking

Application Roster

The Creative Cloud application roster now stores the Assigned User Groups and Product Names.

License Types

Creative Cloud uses Product Profiles to enable customers to manage their usage. The Creative Cloud integration displays the applications or license type from each discovered user’s product profile in the License Type column of the Activity tab.

The following links list the applications or license types that are tracked.

NOTE: These Creative Cloud links exclude all special offers or region-specific product plans.

License Differentiation

SaaS Manager offers a license differentiation feature that allows you to view users by application or license type. To view this license differentiation feature, navigate to the Activity tab of the Creative Cloud App Details screen where you can filter and export the Creative Cloud application or license types.

The total spend for the billable Creative Cloud accounts displayed in the Creative Cloud App Details screen is based on the Creative Cloud license cost details entered in the License Details tab. For details, refer to Entering license details for license differentiation.

Application Roster API Endpoints

List Users<<OrganizationID>>/  

List Groups and Product Profile<<OrganizationID>>/  

Application Task Tracking

License Differentiation has been added to Creative Cloud in the Application Task Tracking chart.

For release details, refer to the November 2020 release notes.