October 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes - Reclaiming Licenses

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Reclaiming Licenses

License Reclamation is the process of taking back licenses from application users. These users fall into one of the following scenarios.

  • Employees who are inactive in your organization’s HR Roster
  • Application users who have never logged in to an application
  • Application users who are inactive

Reclaimed licenses help optimize SaaS spend and increase procurement efficiency because you avoid buying additional licenses for new license requests. You also limit security risks by reclaiming licenses from inactive employees in your HR Roster. To achieve these goals, SaaS Manager provides an automated License Reclamation workflow. In addition, SaaS Manager’s reclamation history tracks each step of the License Reclamation workflow and each License Reclamation status.

To reclaim a user’s license, the SaaS Manager Administrator can Reclaim Immediately or Notify the User. For details, see Reclaiming Licenses.

At this time per the Application Task Tracking, you can only reclaim Salesforce and Smartsheet licenses through a direct connect integration.

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