May 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes - New dashboard and visualization for App Details tab

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New dashboard and visualization for App Details tab

Each Managed Application in SaaS Manager has an App Details tab that displays an overview of the application’s users, spend, and activity.

In the new dashboard, you can use the default 90-day Date Range or specify your custom date range to view an application’s users, spend, and activity information. The application’s number of Inactive or Never Active users (Underutilized Accounts) and the license cost for all Inactive or Never Active users (Underutilized License Cost) are more prominently displayed as tiles in the new dashboard.

A new Spend By Department (Top 10) bar chart displays the top ten most expensive departments for an application. Application Activity visualization has been updated from a line chart to a pie chart for displaying the number of Active, Inactive, and Never Active application users. For further information, see App Details.

Important: Specifying a Date Range of less than 30 days in the dashboard may not display cost calculations. Cost data is divided into months. Therefore, your Date Range must include the first day of the month to display cost calculations.

For release details, see the May 2020 Flexera SaaS Manager Release Notes