June 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes - Updated SaaS Manager Help Topics

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Clarified the Activated Date and the Deactivated Date in the user's Applications Accessed tab

The Activated Date and Deactivated Date column values in the user’s Applications Accessed tab were clarified in the SaaS Manager help.

The Activated Date and Deactivated Date information is from the Application Roster.

  • The Activated Date is the date the user was added to the Application Roster.
  • The Deactivated Date is the date the user was removed from the Application Roster.

For details, see the Applications Accessed explanation column in the User Application Usage Explanation table in All Users.

Updated the documentation for Adding an Integration

The documentation for Adding an Integration was reformatted and updated for readability and to reflect the current integration workflow. The content is divided into two subsections:

  • Integration Terminology
  • Authorizing an Integration

The user interface reference documentation Integrated Applications was also updated to document the screen’s buttons and columns.

Clarified the Employee Status Values: Inactive and Disabled

The Employee Status column values Inactive and Disabled were clarified in the SaaS Manager help.

A user can be Inactive under the following circumstances:

  • User was once present in the HR Roster data from the HR provider, but no longer is.
  • User is still returned in the HR Roster list, but the HR provider has specified an “Inactive” date. This scenario will vary among HR providers as not all of them provide a user’s inactive date to SaaS Manager.

At this time, the value Disabled is only available for Azure. Your organization can apply the circumstances for using this employee status in Azure. An example could be for users who are on a long-term leave.

For details, see the Employee Status column explanation in the following SaaS Manager help sections:

For release details, see the June 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes.