June 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes - New Microsoft Project and Updated Namely and Okta Integration Instructions

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New Microsoft Project Integration Instructions

Microsoft Project is a project management software product. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

The Microsoft Project Integration Instructions pull an Application Roster and Application Access (Unique ID and Last Login).

The Application Task Tracking chart has also been updated to include Microsoft Project.

Updated Namely Integration Instructions

The following Namely Integration Instructions sections were updated:

  • Added the stored HR Roster information
    • User ID
    • Email
    • First Name 
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Status
    • Active Date
    • Inactive Date
    • Location
  • Updated the Minimum Permissions Required text: “Administrator-level permissions are required to generate the Personal Access Token.”
  • Updated the entire Integrating Namely with SaaS Manager section.
  • Added the HR Roster API endpoint: https://<<Base-URL>>/api/v1/profiles.json 

Updated Okta Integration Instructions

The following Okta Integration Instructions sections were updated:

  • Updated the Minimum Permissions Required text: “Administrator-level access is required to generate the token.”
  • Updated the Credentials Required to include “Number of API calls allowed per minute”.
  • Added step 8 (Number of API calls allowed per minute) to Integrating Okta with SaaS Manager.

For release details, see the June 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes.