Flexera SaaS Manager now has Application Category Capabilities

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Our latest SaaS Manager release now includes capabilities to help organizations categorize their SaaS apps

Customers want the ability to:

  • View category data for SaaS applications
  • Easily identify and take action on redundant applications
  • Gain visibility into spend, utilization and number of license for multiple application instances

Flexera is now positioned to help customers solve these common business problems.

What our application category capabilities include:

  • Adds category data to applications 
  • Category data is in alignment with Technopedia data 
  • Reviewing categories allows customers to identify and take action on redundant spend 
  • Roll up of multiple application instances 
  • Improved data grid functionality 

How does it work:

  • Categories are grouped into groups, main and sub-categories 
  • Reviewing categories provides the potential for vendor and application reduction, making SaaS Management easier  
  • Customers managing multiple instances of applications can now see totals across instances for annual spend, number of licenses, assigned users and active users 

Improved data grid functionality provides:

  • Improved filtering 
  • Addition of “Column chooser” – choose to view the data you want to see and turn off what you don’t 
  • Ability to rearrange columns 

How to enable it:

These capabilities are now available for SaaS Manager customers. You can view the official release notes here