April 2020 SaaS Manager Release Notes - Application Categories Documentation

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Application Categories

SaaS is easy to buy and easy to deploy. But SaaS tends to proliferate across departments, locations, and domains. Many SaaS applications don’t get used, leading to increased cost and time spent managing multiple license terms and vendors.

SaaS Manager provides categorization and application roll-up in its Managed Applications screen to identify and take action on redundant spend. Applications are grouped by Category Group, Category, and Sub- Category to help you review and determine which applications to standardize across your organization. The Managed Applications screen is now powered by ag-Grid. You can customize your view and narrow your data focus by turning columns on or off, rearranging them, or by using available filters. For further details, see Optimizing SaaS Spend.

NOTE: If you are currently using SaaS Manager’s custom application tags, tags with category information will be removed by the SaaS Manager team to eliminate mismatched and/or duplicated data.

For release details, see the April 2020 Flexera SaaS Manager Release Notes