April 2020 Release Notes: Application rollup added to Category/Sub-Category slideouts, plus more UI updates

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Application rollup added to Category/Sub-Category slideouts

Application rollup was added to the Category and Sub-Category slideouts of the Managed Applications screen. If there is a right-facing arrow in front of an application name, this application has multiple instance listings. Click the arrow to reveal the multiple instances. For details, see Reviewing application categories.

Employee Status column filter updates

The employee status Disabled was added to the Employee Status column to filter employees as Active, Inactive, or Disabled based on your organization’s HR Roster.

NOTE:  At this time, the value Disabled is only available for Azure.

The Employee Status column is available for the following screens:

Unique ID in Suspicious Activities’ Email Column

The Email column in the Suspicious Activities screen and the application’s Suspicious Activities tab will display either the user’s email address or a unique ID. A unique ID is displayed when an email address is not returned from the application’s API integrated with SaaS Manager.

For details, see:

Renamed Column Header for Application’s Activity Tab and Users Tab

The column header “Logins (30 Days)” was renamed “Activities (30 Days)” in the application’s Activity tab and Users tab. This column displays the number of activities recorded in the last 30 days for the user. The number of activities tracked is dependent on the application’s API integration with SaaS Manager.

For details, see:

For release details, see the April 2020 Flexera SaaS Manager Release Notes