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How to get started with SaaS Manager

The Learning Center, a great resource for finding how-to videos and guides for many Flexera products, has an introduction to using SaaS Manager.

How to get started with SaaS ManagerHow to get started with SaaS Manager

You can start with a tour of the features within SaaS Manager in two video tutorials. 

For instance, the tutorial explains the App Catalog, which shows the SaaS vendors you are managing, as well as annual cost and admin information for each one. You'll also learn how to get more details for each app, including the number of active and suspicious users -- just one small part of the incredibly useful information provided by SaaS Manager for optimizing your software license usage.   

Additionally, you can get a walkthrough of the initial setup and see videos on how to add additional direct and SSO connections.  

View these useful videos and more at the Learning Center. 

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