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EMEA SaaS Applications

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Get ready for it…we are! In 2020 Q3, Flexera is working on setting up SaaS Manager in an EMEA data center so our friends in EMEA can manage their SaaS applications and experience the success our North America customers have seen. As we work towards g...
by Flexera arossiaky Flexera

Expense Data

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When SaaS Manager imports my expense data, what information does it capture? How does SaaS Manager know if an expensed items is SaaS Spend or not?
by Flexera kclausen Flexera

SSO integration

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How do I turn off an SSO integration if I want to connect to that application directly? (Ex. I am monitoring Salesforce via SSO, but I want to connect to it directly. What's the best practice?)
by Flexera jfaria Flexera
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