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[Recording Available]: SCA Office Hours Event #16 - June 30, 2021 (Revenera Response to Cybersecurity Executive Order)

If you missed this month's event where we discussed the Cybersecurity executive order, how Code Insight can help with the SBOM today, and what we are working on for future releases, the recording is now available on the Revenera Learning Center.

NOTE: Make sure to log into the community first before accessing the link. You may need to click the Register button if you haven't accessed prior recordings.


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Flexera beginner

Thank you for providing the link, but in my opinion it no longer works. Can you replace it, or is that record simply not there anymore? I would really like to read or listen to what was on the record.

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Hello @Gellehaiak,

Our SCA office hours are available for on-demand viewing on the Learning Center if your community login has SCA customer access. If you are interested in the topic, we'd be happy to share the url with you if you could please private message me your work contact details.


Christine (@cvirata)

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Thanks for your reply. I'm really interested in this topic, although I can't send work contact details right now. As soon as I find all the necessary data, I will send you a personal message. Thank you again very much for the answer, I really did not expect that you would answer me.

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