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Tools to Encourage Customers and Partners to Join

Tools to Encourage Customers and Partners to Join


Our goal is that every customer and Partner company has at least one (but many if possible) employees join our community. We will communicate the benefit to customers via general communication but the most signifcant impact occurs when a trusted Flexeran recommends participation. This space will help us share what has worked when encouraging our customer and partner contacts to join.

Thank you to Chris Grinton, Luz Oseguera,  @vfarrell  and Geeta Saini for sharing their information! 

Information to Reference



From Luz - Sure thing, during all of my customer introductions I have made sure that I let my clients know about our re-modernization of support. If you see my attached deck (CSM Intro) slide #6 has some talk track around what has been specifically said about our community. I also ask if they all have community access? If they do or don’t I send over the attached PDF to ensure they can easily access and navigate the community. As a next step I also ask that on a future call we take some time to review any questions on the community that they might have as well as just walk through the community together.


To prospects: 

Flexera has a Community Site to enable customers to make it easier for you to get the support you need while also providing the opportunity that will allow you to better connect with your colleagues and experts in our company. Once you sign up for Community, you will have access to our FlexNet Manager forum and Product Documentation, as well as the ability to open a new case. You should receive a link to sign up. If not, feel free to register on the site directly.

We also have a Learning Center within Community. We have 10 courses available for FNMS. We offer three certifications : Certified FlexNet Manager Operator, Certified FlexNet Manager Technical Administrator, Certified FlexNet Manager License Practitioner. You may need to register for the first course “Getting Started with Software License Optimization in FlexNet Manager” to see all 13 modules.

Fred, we have the same information for Data Platform – DP forum, Product Documentation on DP Analyze, DP Discover, DP Normalize, DP Normalize for Service Now, DP Normalize for Technopedia, DP Normalize for Technopedia Catalog for Service Now.

For new customers

To register, go to, click Sign In, then Don’t have an account? Let’s go! Follow the prompts and link in the registration email you will receive.

When prompted during the registration process you can enter the following values to identify yourself as being from Acme Corp. This will give you access to resources which are restricted from public access, such as online training and possibly the support case portal (if your organisation has appropriate entitlements):

  • Account ID: MSF-nnnnnnnnnn
  • Product ID: SSF-nnnnnnnnnn

If you get a message saying the email address is already registered (which you may if your details are already in Flexera’s records), use the Forgot password? link on the sign in page to request a password reset email to set an initial password & Community username.


To Customers

Hi Jacob,

Mark Buscaglia gave me your name to make sure you and the team at CrossCuze are aware of the new Flexera Community that was launched earlier in April at This is a place where everybody who works with and uses Flexera solutions can interact and work together to conquer their IT challenges.


Seeing a few posts (here, there and everywhere) on Flexera Community about the integration between Normalize and ServiceNow made me think that some folk from CrossFuze may be interested to sign up to Community and subscribe to receive email notifications of activity on the Data Platform Forum. This will help you keep an eye out for posts that may be related to the ServiceNow integration component you have, help to raise your profile as an active Flexera partner by participating in Community, and give you insights into the types of topics that are being discussed.

Feel free to share this note with relevant members of your team, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the team at if you run in to any problems.



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@ChrisG  @loseguera @gsaini1 Thank you all! If you have additional language or resources, I'd love to have them added here. 

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