Post-Implementation Services

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Post-Implementation Services

SAM Advisory Services

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Flexera offers advisory Services designed to assist you with the development of a strategic enterprise software asset management (SAM) program with a clear implementation plan and roadmap to evolve program capabilities. The services facilitate the ...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

License Reconciliation and Optimization Services

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Flexera is staffed to provide Services to assist you with producing a reconciled software license position for various software publishers. Typical activities include: Assisting with configuring license records within FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) ...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

FNMS Post-Implementation Consulting

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Flexera can deliver off-site, post-implementation consulting services. Following the implementation of FlexNet Manager Suite, we can provide consulting services on an as-requested basis to address questions, resolve issues, manage license configura...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

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