SAM Advisory Services


Flexera offers advisory Services designed to assist you with the development of a strategic enterprise software asset management (SAM) program with a clear implementation plan and roadmap to evolve program capabilities. The services facilitate the incorporation of best practices including ITIL, SAM ecosystem and ITSM integration techniques, and develop foundational program components with a focus on governance, processes, communication, data and metrics. The Flexera team will create an understanding of how to demonstrate measurable value to the enterprise and identify the skills and capabilities that reinforce the value that can be derived from the use of best-in-class technology.

Flexera advisory Services are delivered via a series of workshops to provide an understanding of the strategic framework for your SAM program development. The workshops are structured to allow time for education on the foundational components of each area of the strategic framework and exchange of information with the customer about the current and desired state, timeframes and best practices for program development. The following workshops and subsequent documents are delivered:

  • Governance
  • Asset lifecycle
  • Data management
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Communication

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