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Are You Using Policies Enough? They can do (nearly) anything you need.

Update 25 June:

For those who missed the Policy event, view the recording here. @bryancox  and @dfrankel  covered policies that help you to: 

  • Optimize Cost in Cloud
  • Understand License Position and Enforce Compliance
  • Optimize Software License Costs
  • Actual Spend vs Budget Report
  • Identify Idle Resources
  • Identify Underutilized PaaS Resources


We’re taking a community conversation live! After discussing policy opportunities in this Optima forum, we thought it’d be great to organize a customer webinar on the topic. On June 23, 2020, from 10 am CDT – 11:00 am CDT, Dave Frankel (@dfrankel | Team Lead, Solution Engineering) and Bryan Cox (@bryancox | Director of Field Sales) dive into policy automation benefits for organizations from a cost perspective, use cases from built-in to customized application, and more.  They will share common customer use cases and the related policies they use to achieve the needed outcomes. Register for a relaxed, informative, and outcome-focused event.

PSSTT - Wanting more information on what policies are? We recommend any customer knew to policies view the Introduction to Using Policies to Control Risk & Spend Webinar recording for an overview of policies and how they work.

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