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HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A

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SummaryThis is InstallAnywhere 2014 HotFix A.SymptomsInstallAnywhere 2014 Public HotFix A addresses the following issues: IOJ-1665180IA2014 Installers fail to launch as root on *nix platforms if not at least 3 directories deepIOJ-1665716IA2014: unin...
by Flexera tthapa Flexera

Issue Running Setup.exe From Root Drive

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SummaryIf setup.exe is executed directly under the root drive it will not start normally. For example using the setup.exe from Installscript MSI projects are not able to install from a USB Thumb Drive.SymptomsIf setup.exe is executed directly under t...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

Corrupted Text Displayed On Main Views

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SummaryUnexpected and corrupted text displayed on main views only for InstallShield 2018 SP1 version 24.0.463SymptomsInstallShield 2018 Service Pack 1 exhibits unexpected views. For example on the Organization, Application Data, System Configuration ...
by Flexera GeorgeK Flexera

HOTFIX: CopyFile on Locked File Results in Installation Hanging

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SummaryCopyFile does not return the correct error value when attempting to overwrite an existing locked file. This will provide the wrong value in a condition statement and prevent the custom action from closing resulting in a hanging installation.Sy...
by ctang Pilgrim

Deleting Device Driver Component Leaves Install Condition

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SummaryWhen deleting device driver components, there might be an install condition that restricts whether the install runs on 32bit or 64bit machines.SymptomsThe Install condition, IS_DIFX_DRIVER_OVERRIDE OR Msix64, was created when 64bit was selecte...
by Flexera kyi_2834 Flexera

Adding Large Number of Files cause InstallShield to Stop Responding

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SummaryWhen attempting to add a large set or folder to the Files and Folder, InstallShield stops responding.SymptomsWhen trying to add large files or a large number of files, InstallShield becomes unresponsive. Even leaving InstallShield time to proc...
by ctang Pilgrim

Suite Language Selection Dialog Renders Extra Lines

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SummaryExtra blank lines are rendered in the InstallationLanguage combo box in InstallShield 2014.SymptomsIn InstallShield 2014, the InstallationLanguage wizard page in a Suite project renders extra white spaces at the bottom of the combo box. Subseq...
by ctang Pilgrim

Set Progress Billboard Dialog Title

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SummaryCurrently, there is no way to edit the dialog title of the progress billboard as this is an internal dialog that is not exposed in the IDE.SymptomsCurrently, there is no way to edit the dialog title of the progress billboard as this is an inte...
by Flexera Jello Flexera