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Windows Installer Error 2711

Windows Installer Error 2711


Cause and resolutions of -2711 errors when a feature is not found in the Feature MSI table.


When running an installation created with InstallShield, the following error occurs at run time:

Error -2711: The specified Feature name ('[2]') not found in Feature table

[2] contains the name of the feature that generated this error message.


This error occurs for the following reasons:

  1. The script file setup was modified incorrectly.

  2. The feature has been corrupted.

  3. The Feature table is missing entries.

  4. The ADDLOCAL property is being manually set via InstallScript or a custom action.

  5. The REINSTALL property is being set manually and contains the name of an invalid feature.


Resolution for Case 1

If using an InstallScript MSI project, make sure that InstallScript functions called in the OnFirstUIAfter event were not incorrectly placed in the OnFirstUIBefore event. For example, calling the SdFinish InstallScript function in the OnFirstUIBefore event may cause this behavior.

Resolution for Case 2

If the feature has been corrupted, re-create the feature specified in the error message by following these steps:

  1. Select the Features view.

  2. Right-click the feature specified in the error message and select Delete.

  3. Right-click the Features node and choose New Feature to re-create this feature.

  4. Build a new release with a new release name via the Release Wizard or Releases view.

Resolution for Case 3

Check that all entries in the Feature table correspond to a feature in the project by following these steps:

  1. Select the Direct Editor view.

  2. Click the Feature table.

  3. Make sure all entries in the Feature column correspond to a feature in the project. If any entries exist that do not have a corresponding feature, delete them by right-clicking the row and selecting Drop Row(s).

  4. It also may be helpful to search the project for any other references to the feature if it had no corresponding entry in the Feature table. At times, shortcuts, dialogs, or other project elements may still contain references to the deleted feature.

Resolution for Case 4

Make sure the ADDLOCAL property is not being set manually via InstallScript or a custom action. This has been known to cause this behavior in some rare cases.

Resolution for Case 5

Make sure that if setting the REINSTALL property manually, either via the command line or via the Property Manager, that it does not contain an invalid feature. This error is known to occur if a feature name is invalid, misspelled, or otherwise inaccurate.

Validating Your Installation

If the error persists despite the above steps, validate the setup to pinpoint the specific issue. To validate the installation, follow these steps:

  1. Select Build > Validate > MSI Full Validation Suite.

  2. Resolve any warnings or errors encountered during validation.

Note: For specific information on the validation errors or warnings that occur, search for the error in the MSI Help Library.

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