Windows Installer Error 2343

Windows Installer Error 2343


Error 2343. Specified path is empty


When running an installation, the following error may occur:

Error 2343. Specified path is empty

This is a general error message that is displayed by the Microsoft Windows Installer Service (MSI). It indicates that a path that was specified is set to an empty path.


This error has been known to occur in the following scenarios and is a non-exhaustive list of known causes:

A. The property for a Browse dialog box is set to an empty path e.g. InstallChangeFolder

B. When a Set Directory Custom Action Type 35 sets a directory identifier to an empty path


The following solutions have been reported as resolving this error:

A. Check that the property for the browse dialog is set to a valid property that has a default value or a valid directory identifier. For example the DestinationFolder dialog has 2 events for the ChangeFolder PushButton, one that spawns the InstallChangeFolder dialog and the other that sets the _BrowseProperty to INSTALLDIR. By cloning the destination folder and setting the _BrowseProperty to a different property e.g. TESTPROP, if the property is not defined, the installation would result in Error 2343. Specifying a default value for this property in the Property Manager would resolve the error.

B. Check that the Directory value for the Set Directory Custom action resolves to a valid path and is not empty. If the directory value is a property, specifying a default value for it in the Property Manager would resolve the error.

Additional Information

If the information provided does not resolve the issue, it may be helpful to verbosely log the installation. This provides more information on what is occurring in the setup immediately prior to the error message.

Additional causes and solutions to this issue will be listed as they become available.

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