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Suite event on system reboot

Suite event on system reboot


Discussion regarding ways to handle/maintain states during Suite Project reboot


The Suite/Advanced UI engine does not maintain states to track which events have run or not run. Therefore, you may need to define Property Comparison conditions for actions to prevent the actions from being rerun after the Suite/Advanced UI installation resumes because of a reboot. You can use the ISOnRebooted property in these conditions; if the Suite/Advanced UI installation is resuming after a reboot, this property is set to True.


The Suite Installed Condition Settings are expected to negotiate the state of your package out of reboot. Please see:

Suite Installed Condition Settings

For example, to create a conditional statement that checks whether a particular version of an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI installation is already installed on a target system, enter the version number. Then use the Comparison setting to specify whether you want the product version to be less than, greater than, or equal to the value that you are specifying.

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