String Indexing Example

String Indexing Example


This article presents an updated string indexing example.


This article contains an InstallScript sample that will show how you can index a string variable.

NOTE: The example will remove any leading zero characters in a given string variable.


A string variable is an array of Unicode characters with a null terminator. You can reference individual characters within a string by specifying the string name followed by an index value within square brackets. Note that the first character in a string is in position 0.

In the example below, the function BlankLeadingZeros() uses the string indexing technique to replace leading zeros in the string representation of a number with blank characters.
prototype BlankLeadingZeros(BYREF STRING); 
function BlankLeadingZeros(szString)
  INT iVal, iLength;
    iVal = 0; 
    iLength = StrLengthChars (szString); 

    while (iVal < iLength) && (szString[iVal] = "0") 
        szString[iVal] = " "; 

Additional Information

For more information on the data types used in this function, you can look at the online help document Data Types and Predefined Structures.
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