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SDFeatureDialog not showing size(only with required feature)

SDFeatureDialog not showing size(only with required feature)

This article will discuss about SDFeatureDialog not showing size(only with required feature)

Replication Step:

1. Create Installscript MSI project.
2. Create Features like aaa,bbb,ccc and also add component then add files.
3. Create Feature named ddd(without include component)
4. Add the Following code in an InstallScript View,
function OnBegin()
STRING szTitle, szMsg, svDir;
szTitle = "Select Features";
szMsg = "Select the features you want to install on your computer.";
SdFeatureDialog2 (szTitle, szMsg, svDir, "");

5. Goto Feature ddd-> Required Features-> add the features aaa,bbb and ccc
6. Build and run the project.




When any feature is selected, its required features are automatically selected.ex: When 'ddd' is selected, all of its required features are also selected and grayed out to indicate those are required features. Hence It will be confusing with the total size required if sizes are shown for the main feature and as well as for its required features especially when one feature is set as a required feature for multiple features.

SdFeatureTree (szTitle, szMsg, svDir, "", 2); dialog can be used instead of SDFeatureDialog.

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