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Per User Minor Upgrade Prompts UAC dialog.

Per User Minor Upgrade Prompts UAC dialog.


Per User Minor upgrade prompts UAC dialog.


Behaviour has been identified that whilst a first time per user installation for an application did not prompt a UAC dialog, a Minor Upgrade for the same application did.

This article will discuss a possible reason for the change the UAC behaviour.


This change in behaviour is known to occur after Windows Update MS14-049 which was release to resolve a security vulnerability in Microsoft Windows.

Further details regarding this Microsoft Update can be found on the Microsoft Website here:

A description of the Security Update including known issues can be found here:

Microsoft have released an update to resolve the UAC behaviour which can be found in the following link:

It should be noted however that many users have found this fix to be unsuccessful in altering the behaviour:

The change in this behaviour due to the Windows Security Update MS14-049 is outside of the control of Installshield.
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