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LogonInformation or SdLogonInformation Dialog Displays "Server not Found" Error

LogonInformation or SdLogonInformation Dialog Displays "Server not Found" Error


LogonInformation or SdLogonInformation dialogs showing "Server not Found"


You may see a blank list of domains, or get a "Server not Found" error when attempting to use the LogonInformation or SdLogonInformation dialogs.


This can be caused by a number of different conditions relating to configuration of the operating environment the install is running in, and if the machine does not belong to a domain. The following are known to cause this behavior:

--The Computer Browser service is not enabled

--A firewall is configured without an exception for the Computer Browser Service

--NetBIOS over TCP/IP is not enabled on the machine

--If no master browser server is configured on the network

--If broadcast traffic is disabled on the network

Essentially, when a machine is not a member of a domain, queries are made to the Master Browser server to get a list of available domains (via the NetServerEnum API), and then a broadcast packet is sent out to find all domain controllers within range on the network.

If a domain controller does not receive the broadcast packet, the IsNetAPI.dll custom actions InstallShield uses will have no knowledge of this. An enhancement request has been submitted to enhance this behavior (#IOA-000046275).


To enable the Computer Browser service:

1. Go to Start -> Run -> Services.msc

2. Locate the Computer Browser service and open its properties.

3. Set the Startup Type to 'Automatic' and start the service

4. Click OK to commit the property change.

To enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP:

1. Navigate to the network connection's properties in the Control Panel

2. Navigate to the properties of TCP/IP

3. Go to the 'Advanced' configuration

4. On the WINS tab, ensure that the NetBIOS setting is either 'Default' or 'Enable'. NOTE: In default connection, it is assumed that the DHCP server is configured correctly for NetBIOS settings.

5. Click OK to commit change.

To determine if broadcast traffic is disabled on the network, contact your system administrator to investigate a packet trace of the SdLogonInformation/LogonInformation dialog running.

For enabling a firewall exception for the Computer Browser service, reference the service directly in the exception (if the firewall software supports this), or add exceptions on UDP Ports 137 and 138.

In some cases the issue is resolved after all domain controllers are rebooted. Contact your network administrator to conduct this resolution.

Additional Information

Appendix C ? Computer Browser Service

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Computer Browser is deprecated. The newest Windows Server versions haven't install it by default, and many administrator won't enable it because security issues. There is an alternative for installers about this?
@docspider InstallShield 2020 Release Notes mention enhancement... 
Secure Implementation of LogonInformation Dialog 
"With changes to Windows Server platforms where computer browser is no longer supported as a service, the LogonInformation dialog now uses a more secure implementation.

Note: This change was tracked in issue IOJ-1986738."

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