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ISNetGetServers Cannot Access Domain Servers

ISNetGetServers Cannot Access Domain Servers


Browsing with ISNetGetServers a Windows Installer DLL custom action is not able to obtain a list of servers in a combo box.


If using the ISNetGetServers in a dialog to obtain a domain username/password to use for a service the browse button and search for the domain controller only returns the local computer name.


ISNetGetServers a Windows Installer DLL custom action gets a list of servers into a combo box. The name of the DLL file is ISNetAPI.dll, and its entry point is ISNetGetServers.

The use of NetServerEnum API to provide the list of domains is involved to use DNS for name resolution. Machines not on a domain are expected to fall back to NetBIOS. If NetBIOS is on a network with multiple subnets, and no machine on the current subnet can resolve the NetBIOS domain name, it is probable InstallShield cannot obtain any primary domain controller


Enbable The Computer Browser Service

1. Go to Start -> Run -> Services.msc
2. Locate the Computer Browser service and open its properties.
3. Set the Startup Type to 'Automatic' and start the service
4. Click OK to commit the property change.

Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

1. Navigate to the network connection's properties in the Control Panel
2. Navigate to the properties of TCP/IP
3. Go to the 'Advanced' configuration
4. On the WINS tab, ensure that the NetBIOS setting is either 'Default' or 'Enable'. NOTE: In default connection, it is assumed that the DHCP server is configured correctly for NetBIOS settings.
5. Click OK to commit change.

In some cases the issue is resolved after all domain controllers are rebooted. Contact your network administrator to conduct this resolution step.

Additional Information

Please reference:

Appendix C ? Computer Browser Service

LogonInformation or SdLogonInformation Dialog Displays "Server not Found" Error
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It would be helpful if this documented a fix or alternate method to use when Computer Browser service is not available on the machine (due to security minded admin following the guidance of not allowing Computer Browser service  because it requires SMB v1.0