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ISDEV: Error -7185

ISDEV: Error -7185


 Error 7185 occurs while building Project with Multiple language added, and for added language specific String Table entry is having  a proper value.

An example of this error is:

ISDEV: Error -7185 translation for string identifier NEW_STRINGXX includes characters that are not available on code page 932.


This information applies to the following InstallShield project types:

  • Basic MSI
  • InstallScript MSI


The 7185 error occurs when localization a project for a particular string is not converted properly or contains non supported strings for that specific language.


To resolve this error message, Go to String editor table and check the specific string which caused this error.

  1. Expand the User Interface.
  2. Click String Editor table.
  3. Using Search Grid on right side panel check specific string.
  4. Edit the value column for the specific language related to the error.
  5. Convert the string or remove junk character if you have any (for ex: if you have string with © in Japanese will see this as an error)
  6. Enter proper translated string or remove junk character.
  7. Then Save and build the project.

Additional Information

Click here  for localization help

Click here  for multi language support

Click here for editing String Editor 

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