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How to pass an argument to your application inside a MSIX.

How to pass an argument to your application inside a MSIX.


You may want to pass variables to the .exe application you are launching from the installed .msix. This can be done with the Package Support Framework. Some of those features are supported out of the box with Installshield. You will find some information on how to do this from Installshield below:



In the MSIX Project, you'll go under Package Payload->Applications->Package Support Framework, and add a Custom Fixup. Point the JSON Path to your custom config.json.

 An example of how the config.json would look is like:

"applications": [
"executable": "VFS/ProgramFilesX86/My Company Name/My Product Name/YOURAPP.exe",
"arguments": "ARGUMENTPASSED",
"workingDirectory": ""



Note for example: 

ID_FROM_APPLICATION_ENTRYPOINT should match Key Name. Which should match the Id in the AppxManifest.xml contained in the .MSIX.


Please NOTE: Evaluation versions of Installshield do not enable the use of Custom Fixups until activated.


Additional Information:

Package Support Framework information may be found here:

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